Da Sessions 10 (Digital Download)




Da Sessions 10: A Super Pack of 9 (now) classic D4E tracks featuring: King Hyphy, Plaga, Nunda P, Big Sherm, R0CK3T, Kashton Richard, Izzyonthebeats, God Blessed & Jovi K’nobi


Track Listing:

01. Worldwide (feat. Big Sherm, King Hyphy & Plaga)
02. Remember the Time (feat. R0CK3T, Izzyonthebeats & Big Sherm)
03. Conductive or Condusive (feat. Kashton Richard & Big Sherm)
04. DND (feat. King Hyphy, Big Sherm, R0CK3T & Izzyonthebeats)
05. ISWARAH (feat. Big Sherm & R0CK3T)
06. Deception Point (feat. Big Sherm, King Hyphy & Plaga)
07. Origami (feat. Big Sherm & R0CK3T)
08. Smoke Wit Me (feat. Big Sherm & King Hyphy)
09. Wamenichukia Sana (feat. Jovi K’nobi, Big Sherm, Nunda P & God Blessed)


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