SPACE4RENT (Digital Download)




5 spacey tracks by the DOPE4EVA family featuring Plaga, R0CK3T, Big Sherm & Nunda P!

Track Listing:

01 Money 4 Cookies (ft. R0CK3T, Big Sherm & Plaga) [Prod. by Big Sherm]
02 Fly High (ft. Big Sherm & R0CK3T) [Prod. by Big Sherm]
03 Understand This (ft. R0CK3T & Big Sherm) [Prod. by Big Sherm]
04 Starwater (ft. Big Sherm, R0CK3T & Nunda P) [Prod. by Steve Hoole]
05 So Longggg (ft. Plaga & R0CK3T) [Prod. by Big Sherm & Sy]


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